Welcome to the new ASE Website

The ASE now has a new website – unfortunately the old one used software that was not well known and was complex to update. Please bear with us while we update and populate the new site. The members area (currently incomplete) can be accessed by using senator as the user name and the senate number of our current president as password.

Welcome from our President

Welcome to our new website! For the year 2015/16 our objective remains as FUN+C which stands for Friendship, Unity, Networking and Communications.  The Senate is a network of friends in many different countries and our ambassadors will be working to make sure Senators in all countries can be in contact with other Senators from other countries. We will strive to improve our relationship with the “juniors” at all levels, LOM, NOMs in Europe and also with the other Area Senate organisations and JCI on the international level and in respect of conferences. My goal is that even more Senators than previously will have the opportunity to meet other Senators from other countries as often as possible. I hope to see YOU somewhere in 2015/16.

In Senate friendship   PAUL HILL

#49094 ASE President 2015/16

New Look European Senate Magazine

Why not subscribe to the “New Look” European Senate Magazine?

The British JCI Senate produces the ‘European Senate’ magazine on behalf of the Association of Senators in Europe (ASE) three times a year. It is a superb way to keep up to date with what is happening in the JCI Senate world, see what your friends have been up to and to plan what events you wish to attend.

Click on the picture to visit the subscription page for European Senators on the British Senate Web Site!

40 Years of the Association of JCI Senators in Europe