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We are  an example – we are a spark.

The Senate is investing strongly in co-operation on all levels – local, national and international. We Senators are more than 11,000 in Europe. We operate in 37 countries and are a strong, influential network and a very effective channel for friendship, cooperation and togetherness. Being a Senator is having the knowledge and skill that has been created by the Learning by doing –philosophy, that is still going strong. Therefore, we are an important background support for the local Junior Chambers. As Senators we must be active. We must be a good example to the current Junior Chamber members, as well as, above all, new potential member candidates. The Senator’s prestige, views and experience help find new candidates for membership, and we are a real spark to them to become a member of the Junior Chamber.

The Senate is doing a good and surprises positively.

I’m looking forward to seeing You in the Senate in Europe, or around the world.

Asko Männistö   # 48 551   ASE President 2016-2017    

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