Current Board

The ASE has a Board elected each year at the JCI European Conference made up from Senators of different European Nationalities.  Photos and a list of current Board Members (2017-18) can be found below and former boards and a list of Presidents can be found in the relevant menu tabs.

Current Board (2017-18):

 Markus photo_asko Friedhelm Wachs
Markus Tschann Asko Männistö Friedhelm Wachs
 President Past President Deputy President
 #63832 Austria  #48551 Finland #62758 Germany


      photo_ serge  Jürg Porro  Barry
Serge Granata Goldman Jürg Porro Barry Miller
Hon Secretary Hon Treasurer GLC
#63281 Monaco  #67716 Switzerland   #51886  England


    Max Tuijtel photo_aud Dmitry Afanasyev
Max Tuijtel Aud Schjødt Fredriksen Dmitry Afanasyev
Ambassador for
England, Norway,
Nord-/ Ireland,
Russia, Malta,
Ambassador for
Estonia, Latvia,
Poland, Hungary, Lituania,
Czeck Rep., Slovakia,
Ambassador for
Austria, Italy,
Greece, Belarus, Bulgaria,
Georgia, Moldavia
 #68785 Neth/Ger    #48767 Norway #74767 Russia


 Reynold Dumate
Reynold Demalte Dainis Senbergs
Ambassador for
Belgium, Netherlands,
Serbia, Portugal,
Croatia, Albania,
Montenegro, Ukraine
Ambassador for
France, Finland,
Sweden, Denmark,
Iceland, Monaco,
Romania, Cyprus
 #38826 France  #669497 Latvia


 Ernesto W. Langmann  photo_Charlotte photo_ serge
Ernesto Walter Langmann Charlotte Velling Nichol Serge Granata Goldman
Ambassador to
 Ambassador to
Area Africa & Middle East
Ambassador to ASPAC
 #46857 Austria   #68920 Denmark #63281 Monaco


Ellen Olsen
Jacques Arnal* Ellen Olsen
ASE Ambassador to the Joint Board Special Ass. to the President
 #55945 France #61977 Norway


 photo_piivi Charlotte Tipsmark Cropped      Martin Sterki
   Piivi Öhman* Rutger Westenburg Martin Sterki*
Project Manager for
Best Practices
Liaison Officer EC 2018 Liaison Officer for
EC2017 & WC2018
#61024 Belgium    #68711 Netherlands #69793 Switzerland


 Peter Browning Cropped  Doris Grussmann
Peter Browning*  Doris Grussmann
 Magazine Editor Webmaster
   #49104 Wales  #72419 Austria

* Entries marked with an asterisk are Board Appointments

Full Contact Details for Board Members can be found in the Members Area (General Documents).