History – JCI Senate

As we have recently celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the JCI Senate, it seems fitting to pay tribute to one of our leaders, Philip T. R. Pugsley, who was instrumental in the formation of the Senate program. Born in Montreal, Canada, Philip T. R. Pugsley had a long association with the Jaycee movement at the local, national and international level. In 1951, at the VI JCI World Congress in Montreal, Canada, he was elected president of the international organization.

Pugsley did much to support the global growth and development of Junior Chamber International and provide members lasting means to repay the organization for all it has given them. During his travels as President, Pugsley investigated why chapters were awarding trophies and trinkets to commemorate outstanding service of members. He believed the funds could be better utilized to support expansion of the Junior Chamber movement.

Pugsley conceived the idea of the Senatorship as a distinct honor by which to recognize achievements of outstanding members, while also enabling them to retain contact with the organization for life. Through his efforts, the JCI Senate was formed in 1952 at the 7th JCI World Congress in Melbourne, Australia.

The JCI Senate Foundation was established in 1979 to provide long-term financial support for JCI. Its name was later changed to Jaycees International (JCI) Foundation, Inc., to appeal to the broadest possible donor base. The principal is invested to generate interests, which are used to support JCI programs, activities and expansion around the world. Only the interests are used; the principal remains intact.

Contributions to both the JCI Senate program and the Foundation have significantly assisted JCI’s growth and development over the years. They have also funded training schools and courses, strengthened existing NOMs, and extended the organization into new countries and to more young people around the world.

History – European Senate

The role of the ASE is to provide an organisation to represent and bring together all the National Senate organisations within Europe.

In 2009, the ASE celebrated its 40th birthday and a special booklet was produced by the British Senate.  A copy of this can be found at the bottom of the Home page.

100 Years of JCI

In 2015, Junior Chamber International Celebrates its 100th birthday – 100 years of positive change.

JCI is a global organization of 200,000 young active citizens that grew out of the vision of one man nearly 100 years ago to create sustainable solutions to community challenges. Founded in 1915 in St. Louis, Missouri, USA by Henry Giessenbier Jr., the movement of taking local action for global impact spread across borders becoming an international organization in 1944. Since then, JCI members around the globe have collaborated on projects ranging from assisting refugees, providing medical care, advancing education and promoting equality. Young active citizens continue to fuel the JCI Movement and take grassroots action for positive change sustaining our legacy of impact.  For more details click the link: http://www.jci.cc/100years