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New Look European Senate Magazine

New Look Magazine issue 1 front cover

Issue 1 2015 Front Cover

The British JCI Senate produces the ‘European Senate’ magazine on behalf of the Association of Senators in Europe (ASE) three times a year. It is a superb way to keep up to date with what is happening in the JCI Senate world, see what your friends have been up to  and to plan what events you wish to attend.

Click to see a PDF of the first few pages of this edition: New Look Magazine taster

The European Senate Magazine is only available as a printed version on subscription.  The current Editor is Peter Browning

How to Subscribe

You can easily pay by Paypal in your own currency.  Details are on the British Senate Web Site:

Contributions Welcomed

The magazine is only as successful as you make it with your contributions of stories, Senate news, experiences, articles, jokes, pictures, thoughts and letters. Please send your contribution about a topic of interest to Senators, an amusing anecdote or an event attended to the Editor.

In general articles should be 300 – 400 words but 900 or longer is OK where an in depth description or argument is appropriate. Please also send supporting photos and images to add visual impact and help tell the story.

Do not worry too much about your English – we will polish it where required.

Fun & Unusual Photographs Wanted

  • Relaxed and informal are preferred
  • Ideally help to tell the story
  • Supply names of people if possible
  • Separate files – JPEG, TIFF,PSD or PNG – for each image
  • Emails up to 20Mb (several are OK otherwise post a disc)
  • High resolution – 300 dpi or better – ideally at least 1000 pixels x 1000 pixels or more.


To help Senators plan their diaries the centre section lists all the Senate events in Europe and the major Senate events worldwide for the next 12 months.  See events page. If you wish to have your event listed please contact the Editor


Key Senate (or JCI) events coming up (usually in the next 6 months) can have a FREE black & white advert in the magazine (subject to space). To advertise send your advert to the Editor

For a small charge you can make your advert more prominent by having it in full colour and/or larger than the others – for details contact the Editor

Copy deadline dates for ‘European Senate’

Copy deadline dates

13th February 2017, 19th June 2017, 16th October 2017

(contacts and event details 1 week earlier please)